Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - For Institutes

This is an age of IT, Feeferry provides fee collection solution which is very convenient for both schools/colleges/institutes and parents. Further, Feeferry helps you to contribute to Digital India initiative by Government of India by reducing travel for fee payment. It also helps you to collect fee on holidays, non working hours/days and parents can pay the fee by just few clicks. Do you still need more reasons?
Yes, is designed such that, it will work with your existing system. In fact, it will reduce the work to be done on day to day basis. For more information on how it works please contact us: or +91 842 769 7220.
You can start using the system immediately; mostly any person with average knowledge of working on software’s can easily use the system without any training. But we still provide training to two of your staff members and will provide you with User manuals, which has step by step explanation of how to use the system.
Once you decide to use our system, we’ll assist you in getting online with our system. You can go live in hours.
Fee collected will be credited to your account in T+3 days, T is the day of transaction excluding holidays.
You don’t need to pay anything, Feeferry is FREE for schools, colleges and educational institutes and it’ll remain free forever.
Security is top priority for us, we’ve used world class security standards to develop our system, some of them are:
  1. PCI-DSS Complaint payment gateway.
  2. MD5 hashing to store confidential data like passwords
  3. 2048-bit SSL secure website.
  4. Data Validations across website.
  5. Captcha implementation.
  6. SQL Injection secure.
We have partnered with PayUMoney for payment gateway integration. PayUMoney offers simple and most secure payment solutions. You can know more about them at
You can do that in two ways:
  1. provides fully customized solution for you to monitor fee collection online using secure username and password, you can see live transactions from the interface.
  2. We’ll also provide you with a PayUMoney account where you can monitor and download settled and unsettled transactions.
Yes, any fee collected outside can be managed from our system, whether you receive cash at school or in bank you can manage that fee in our system. This feature is provided to bring all your fee collection in one system.
For any questions/feedback or anything at all, you may contact us: or +91 842 769 7220.